Friday, December 29, 2006

Final post - Sustainability

As the formal part of Hillside's Future Learning and Teaching project draws to a close (January 2005 - January 2007), this post will outline the plans for 2007, ensuring that ICT (including social software) and Multiple Intelligences developments continue, allowing teachers and pupils opportunities to access information and learn in new ways, and for pupils to show that they meet assessment criteria for National Units in meaningful settings (ie relevant, contextualised, audience).

Key commitments for 2007 include:

  • Video blogging (intranet only) - this will allow pupils to generate evidence for a range of Access PSE units. This will be done via laptop with built-in camera, and on-screen prompts/questions. Pupils will have the opportunity to give opinions on their care package via this method, prior to a Looked After Review meeting
  • After-school Computer Animation club based around creating an animation using Mediastage
  • Creating a bank of mp3 files for Access German, using some of Accelerated Learning theory
  • Offering pupils Video Conferencing facilities, based on learning opportunities via the Global Leap database, and possible eTwinning link-ups
  • Pupils leaving at the end of Fourth Year will continue to have the opportunity to 'burn' work onto CD-ROM, to take with them
  • Fourth Year pupils who participate in our Parenting programme (based around our Real Care Baby II), will be encouraged to blog their experiences
  • Some homework will be provided on mp3 files, with pupils allowed to take an mp3 player overnight with them to their unit
  • Continue to work with Fionna Balfour (CALL) and hopefully other agencies and 'edubloggers' to develop an online resource which supports those interested in Learning 2.0 and Assessment 2.0 (for want of a MUCH better phrase). This includes providing advice on the amending of National Assessments (NABs)
  • If possible within pupil internet access constraints, provide a class with the opportunity to build up an RSS-feed home page eg Netvibes
  • Collaborate online with educators, via Skype, Google Documents etc to create content useful in the delivery of Personal and Social education
  • Provide school staff with twilight CPD opportunities eg RSS, Social Bookmarking
  • Encourage classes to create audio and visual content via podcasting, and contributing audio to the freesound project and images to Flickr (under Creative Commons license)
  • Work with care staff in the school to develop DJ/mixing facilities, for pupils to utilise as part of their 24-hour curriculum.

This is the final post on this blog. For reference, however, it will not be deleted. From January, all updates, experiences, opinions, links etc will be through my fortnightly podcast, Booruch, available via iTunes or at

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