Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Latest developments

  • Purchase of StopMotionPro
  • Purchase of SimplyVR
  • Installation of Hello (file transfer), Storyboard Pro, Microsoft scripting, and CAMStudio (screen activity recorder) software
  • Registered with Global Gateway via British Council
  • Purchase of clay animation kit
  • Purchase of Howard Gardner texts (following his seminar)
  • Purchase of Mustek DV5000 camera
  • Purchase of Abby FineReader 7.0 (OCR software) and Scanner
  • Ongoing contact with Global Leap (Video Conferencing) re: setting up of our V500 hardware and establishing of "far end" link
  • Contact made with Stuart Oliphant - Video Conference manager at LTScotland
  • Animation room complete
  • Preparation for building of main FLaT room complete
  • Second meeting with the Call Centre in Edinburgh has taken place (see Access 3 Art NABs amended and validated by SQA; Trial of amended Food Tech NABs
  • Two 4th Year pupils leave with CD showcasing some of the work that they have produced
  • Staff training to take place on Monday, 20th June - introduction to animation and Video Conferencing
  • Two members of staff ready to commence Online Learning PDA at Lauder College
  • Contact made with Spanish school re: cross-cultural project (subsequently cancelled)
  • Off site Multimedia meeting (at local HotSpot) to take place on Friday, 24th June.


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