Friday, October 13, 2006

Project update - October 2006

As we approach the last term before the end of the formal period of the FLaT project, I thought that a brief review and next steps would be useful.

The Craft teacher has finished working of his amended assessment (NAB) and this will be used with my class in the new term.

I had a further meeting with Fionna at the CALL Centre. We looked at each other's ideas of resources for amending materials and assessments, and how our ideas for sharing what can be done, or is happening in centres throughout the country rough outline, could compliment each other.

By January, an interactive website will be up and running, which will contain resources, links, case studies (audio/video), opportunities for educators to add their experiences, and support for those interested in amending materials. Further details will follow after the October break.

Class 3 took part in a Victorian Child Criminal Video Conference with The National Archives in Kew. Pupils examined documents and photos from 19th Century London, and then constructed some metaphors which they then incorporated into a poem. Each pupil produced a poem, which was emailed to Eukaria, in Kew.

Global Leap and JVCS continue to provide excellent Video Conference support, therefore we have booked a further session where we delve back to the First World War and converse with someone on 'the front'.

Based on podcasts that I have reviewed for my Booruch podcast and that pupils have listened to in their studies, I and primary teacher John Johnston have constructed (and continue to update) an education podcast directory, giving educators and students access to useful audio and content.

I am very interested in Joe Dale's PowerPoint advice. He fights the 'death by Power Point' groan by taking visitors to his site through tutorials on how to add 'drag and drop' and 'triggers' to slide shows; transforming the software. I am particularly interested as I have experimented with assessing via Power Point. The advanced techniques (with Joe's 'hand-holding') will be part of what I produce at the end of the project.

Media Studies at Access 3 has been introduced into Class 3's curriculum, as we strive to be in a position to potentially offer each of the Access clusters. Learning will form the basis of a media production in terms 2 and 3.

I am regularly meeting with care staff at the school as we integrate music into the 24-hour curriculum. We have identified staff with DJing/production experience and are currently considering which additional resources (compatible with the iMac/Garageband) are needed. It is expected that initially, pupils will have an after-school opportunity to work with staff who are trained in using the equipment based in the Multimedia room.

Next month, a company (working with the Partners in Learning fund) are sending their 'Diary Room in a Box' for staff and pupils to record their experiences of the Podcasting project. This resource, or a similar use of the iMac (and iSight camera) appears to me to be a way of recording pupils 'Leisure Time Activities' out-with the formal curriculum, thus illustrating objectives and outcomes from the residential units' numerous positive, educational evening activities. Further details to follow.


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