Monday, June 27, 2005

Hillside's first "off-site" meeting

This finally took place on Friday, 24th June at a local four-star hotel. The short delay in arranging the meeting was due to "hotspot"-finder websites displaying inaccurate search results ie stating that a local hotel/bar had wireless access, when upon arrival I discover that they don't and have never heard of the facility!

However, Tony had contacted this particular hotel and everything had been arranged. We were concerned as to the experience of the staff, however upon arrival it seemed that the technology should work, as there were many laptops in use in the bar.

With Matthew (IT support) on the mobile, we tried everything, but to no avail. We carried on with some items on the agenda, however our advice would be that until wireless and business really get their act together, using wireless to arrange an off-site meeting is fraught with technical issues and will probably not be an efficient use of staff time, despite the "change of scenery" and more social setting.


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