Thursday, January 19, 2006

Issues arising from meeting on Monday, 16th January

We are nearly ready to start resourcing the FLaT room. There is going to be a cross-over in resources between the FLaT project and the Podcasting project. Over the next 2 weeks we are going to research and discuss the following. Please help if you can!

* should we buy a class set of iPod (Shuffles?) or MP3 players?
* do we need to invest in GarageBand AND Cubase?
* following the MacWorld announcements, do we an ibook G4 or an imac?
* would a Mac connect with our PC network, and our internet connection?
* is there a place for an iPod Video player in the classroom?

The Independent Living programme has been relaunched, and is being delivered to the S3 group. So far the education/care team joint planning and delivery is working. I think the difference is mainly down to greater management overview and co-ordination. It appears that we may have finally found a model which successfully extends the working week.

Pupils in Class 2 are now choosing for Podcasts to be part of certain areas of PSE and RMPS lessons. There is now a lot of completed pupil work in Art and Craft. This means that within the next month pupils can start to use Media Stage to create 'virtual galleries' of their work. Our Science teacher has received some input on podcasting and is interested (like myself) in the idea of pupils using mp3 technology to record, for example, experiment results (assessment), with the potential to send the file for possible inclusion in a Science podcast (eg The Naked Scientists).

Two more staff have commenced ICT training.


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